About – Sandeep Jethwa

Hey World, I am Sandeep Jethwa from London, UK. I belong to the field of Education. As long as I can remember I always wanted to see the world and fortunately I had the means and time to visit a lot places around the globe. The sense of adventure and the thoughts of the destination occupy my thoughts every time I took a trip.
The best part I like about travelling is the feeling of accomplishment which comes after seeing a certain place. Its like I checked off something off of my list. I have always been infatuated with architecture, history, scenery, food and the local tradition. It has been my practice to try to live like a local to any place/country I visit. I convince my self to try all kinds of the experiences that come with the place.
Right from the start of my travels I always considered my self as a character of a story. I was also greatly influenced by travel adventures of many famous travelers and writers. So I started writing the accounts in diary. I started just like any other writer by listing the first hand accounts of my travels but soon I found that there can be another way. I started writing my travels accounts as a third person who is observing me travel and my life experiences. This gave the validation to my travel stories the way I wanted.
Just a few months ago I saw the events of the ISIS/ISIL assault on the city of Paris. I was greatly shocked and saddened by the events that unfolded. I couldn’t watch the TV anymore and started reading my travel accounts. The global situation and life expectancy of an average human forced me think about my legacy and what will I be remembered for. Therefore I decided to start this personal travel blog to publish my old and new travel accounts. I hope our dear readers enjoy the story of Sandeep narrated by Sandeep.